Who should complete the Have Your Say survey?

    A unique survey has been created for students, staff, parents/guardians and members of the broader community. This is an opportunity for everyone to have their say!

    What is the Multi-Year Plan?

    The Multi-Year Plan is a blueprint that will guide our actions toward collective improvement over the next four years. The plan has specific targets for the Board to achieve. For more information, go to https://www.hdsb.ca/our-board/Pages/Mission,-Vision-and-Values.aspx

    Where/When will the results of the Have Your Say survey be posted?

    The results of the 2017-2018 survey are posted here

    Why should I take the time to do this survey?

    This survey is a chance to have your say about issues that will directly impact you in the coming years. In addition, this survey is being administered by a neutral third party with no stake in the outcomes or results. 

    How long will the survey take to complete?

    Approximately 10-15 minutes. If you get interrupted while completing the survey, the system allows you to take a break and pick-up from where you left off.

    How many questions does the survey consist of?

    The number of questions in each survey varies depending on if you are a student, parent/guardian, staff member or member of the broader community. 

    How will this survey make a difference?

    We need your help to guide meaningful change in order to improve student learning, growth and success in the coming years.

    Will the HDSB be able to link my responses to my identity?

    No, the process is completely anonymous! You do not need to register to participate and the survey(s) do not ask participants for any information concerning their personal identity (e.g., Name, address, etc.). You can provide an email address (optional) to receive a notification when the survey results are available, but it cannot be linked to your survey results.

    A neutral third party, that is independent of the Board, will also ensure that the results are tabulated and presented in a general way.

    Is this survey different from others I may have completed from the Halton District School Board?

    Yes. Some of the questions in the survey(s) cover issues that we have not asked you about previously.