Have Your Say Survey

    Who should complete the Have Your Say survey?

    A unique survey has been created for students, staff, parents/guardians and members of the broader community. This is an opportunity for everyone to have their say!

    What is the Multi-Year Plan?

    The Multi-Year Plan is a blueprint that will guide our actions toward collective improvement over the next four years. The plan has specific targets for the Board to achieve. For more information, go to https://www.hdsb.ca/our-board/Pages/Mission,-Vision-and-Values.aspx

    Where/When will the results of the Have Your Say survey be posted?

    The results of the survey will be posted on this site and the Board website in June 2018. You can subscribe to receive a notification by clicking here.

    Why should I take the time to do this survey?

    This survey is a chance to have your say about issues that will directly impact you in the coming years. In addition, this survey is being administered by a neutral third party with no stake in the outcomes or results. 

    How long will the survey take to complete?

    Approximately 10-15 minutes. If you get interrupted while completing the survey, the system allows you to take a break and pick-up from where you left off.

    How many questions does the survey consist of?

    The number of questions in each survey varies depending on if you are a student, parent/guardian, staff member or member of the broader community. 

    How will this survey make a difference?

    We need your help to guide meaningful change in order to improve student learning, growth and success in the coming years.

    Will the HDSB be able to link my responses to my identity?

    No, the process is completely anonymous! You do not need to register to participate and the survey(s) do not ask participants for any information concerning their personal identity (e.g., Name, address, etc.). You can provide an email address (optional) to receive a notification when the survey results are available, but it cannot be linked to your survey results.

    A neutral third party, that is independent of the Board, will also ensure that the results are tabulated and presented in a general way.

    Is this survey different from others I may have completed from the Halton District School Board?

    Yes. Some of the questions in the survey(s) cover issues that we have not asked you about previously.

Respectful Workplace Survey

    What is the HDSB Respectful Workplace Survey?

    The Respectful Workplace Survey is a brief survey that provides an opportunity for employees to share their perspectives about their workplace. It will allow the HDSB to identify organizational strengths and weaknesses as a workplace. It is one of the most important ways we have to improve the day-to-day work lives of our employees and HDSB overall. 

    Why is the Respectful Workplace Survey being conducted?

    In 2016, HDSB released a Multi-Year Plan that focuses the system on a number of goals in the areas of:

      Engagement and Achievement

      Stewardship and Resources, and

      Equity and Well-Being.

    HDSB is committed to conducting the Respectful Workplace Survey to provide all employees an opportunity to identify issues that will lead to positive changes in their workplace. This survey is critical to establishing a baseline and assessing progress as the Plan is implemented. 

    What does the term “respectful workplace” mean? Why does it matter?

    A respectful workplace is one that is free from discrimination, harassment, and disrespectful behaviours. It is one where all employees can bring their full selves to work and contribute their best to the organization and the school community. 

    Why should I participate?

    Sharing your thoughts about your work environment will help drive real change. It is one of the best ways employees have to voice their opinions with the goal of improving their own work lives and HDSB overall. 

    Is the survey voluntary?

    Yes. The survey is completely voluntary. Participating in the survey allows you to express your opinions and help make a difference in your workplace. We really hope you will complete it. 

    Who is administering the 2018 Respectful Workplace Survey?

    Turner Consulting Group has designed the survey and will analyze the results of the Respectful Workplace Survey. Delaney + Associates will host the online survey through the Have Your Say portal.

    Turner Consulting Group is a leading consultancy practice that specializes in workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion. They have been doing this work for 15 years and are known as a trusted and independent organization. You can learn more about them at www.turnerconsultinggroup.ca. 

    Where/When will the results of the survey be posted?

    A summary of the findings will be posted on this site in June 2018. You can subscribe to receive a notification by clicking here

    Is the survey confidential?

    Yes. Delaney + Associates will administer the Respectful Workplace Survey according to strict confidentiality policies. At no time does Delaney + Associates or Turner Consulting Group share data with HDSB in a way that would directly connect you to your responses. 

    Who will have access to my responses? Will my manager or someone from HDSB see my answers?

    No. All personal responses to this survey will be kept completely confidential. Delaney + Associates will collect the data and Turner Consulting Group will analyze and report on the data. At no point will anyone at HDSB, including senior leaders and managers, have access to the origins of specific feedback. 

    When and how do I take the survey?

    On February 5, you will receive an invitation from the HDSB with a website address to participate in the survey. You will be given time at work to complete the survey. 

    How long will it take to complete the survey?

    It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the survey. If you get interrupted while completing the survey, the system allows you to take a break and pick-up from where you left off.

    Will I be given time to take the survey during work hours?

    Yes. Completing the survey is very important and each employee will have time to complete it. However, if you don’t have a chance at work, you can take the survey at home if you have Internet access. 

    Will we find out the results for the Board?

    Yes, results of the Respectful Workplace Survey will be shared system-wide in June 2018.

    What will happen with the survey results?

    The results of the survey will be critical to understanding the workplace and where improvements are needed. Human Resources will review the results and develop a plan to effect positive change. The survey will be conducted again in 2020 to assess the progress we have made to create a more respectful workplace.